Create and Run Online Leagues

For many years, rifle and pistol target shooting league secretaries have laboriously run their competitions by post and spreadsheets, and latterly by email and spreadsheet. With the need to accurately score targets physically, shooting clubs would be required to parcel up all their targets once a fortnight (or however frequently the league rounds demanded) and send them to the league secretary or ‘stats officer’ for scoring.

Of course, nowadays most clubs have a qualified local scorer and, importantly, we have all become much more conscious of our ecological footprint. Sending targets in the post is both costly to our pockets as well as to the environment. Added to that, many of us lead busy lives and those that do volunteer to run community shooting clubs and manage their shooters’ league entries have limited time available.

Running seasonal leagues can be a very time-consuming job, from creating target stickers and scoresheets at the outset, to calling for and inputting scores, to managing extensions and substitutions, to finalising results and distributing them after each round and much more.

The Target Leagues online system takes the load for a greater proportion of the work required to efficiently and effectively run leagues. Features of the system include:

  • Set up virtually any format of league for online entry within minutes (online payment for entries coming soon)
  • Any permutation of ranking format (round robin, x-scoring, etc), number of rounds, course of fire, team size, sets per round/scores per set, concurrent shooting, etc
  • Print target stickers, address labels and score sheets
  • Set up divisions of varying sizes and classes according to shooter averages
  • Allow local club scorers to enter scores online, or grant permissions to other officials to enter club scores or manage leagues on your behalf
  • Create your own web pages to provide your end-user/club captains with information on your organisation and the leagues you run
  • Communicate with your entrants via the site
  • Make team substitutions and set round extensions for shooters
  • All results will be displayed automatically, online, just after midnight at the end of each round end date
  • Enter county shooters into leagues or competitions run by other league organisations on the site
  • Set up and run shoulder to shoulder competitions
  • Regular club competitors will see when your leagues become open for entry on their dashboard so you won’t need to remind them to enter, or send entry forms
  • And much more

It’s free to create accounts and generally use the site until you run competitions or leagues. We will then charge 30p (incl. VAT) per entrant (either individual shooters or team members) on an as-and-when, monthly basis. There is no standing monthly or annual charge – we simply charge on the number of competitors in your leagues, as and when they enter. See the ‘Pricing’ page for more details.

As the site is always being developed and improved, we are happy to accept suggestions from our users on potential new functions or ways the site can be improved. Please contact us in the first instance and we’ll let you know if it is a function that is already on our ToDo list or if we can fit it in to our development schedule. We do hope you’ll join us!