We want our online target league software to be accessible to everyone, and free to as many users as possible. As much as we’d love everyone to be able to use the site for nothing, we do still have to cover the costs of hosting, security, back-up and development. Most of all, we want a simple life, and for everyone to know where they stand when they use the Rifle Leagues website.

Therefore, anyone who accesses the site, creates a personal account, adds a shooting club or league organisation (such as a county association), creates leagues, enter leagues, enter scores, manages club shooters and anything else the site has to offer, can do so FREE OF CHARGE.

However, we will charge any organisation running leagues or competitions 30p (including VAT) per entrant, either as an individual or a team member. Once the league or competition is open to entries, and the entries start coming in, then you will be charged monthly, in arrears, for the number of entries received during the preceding month x 30p. If an entrant withdraws their entry in the following month, then that will be credited to your next monthly charge.

There are no monthly or annual subscription fees to use the site whatsoever.

All we will ask of you is to set up a Direct Debit with us through ‘GoCardless’, to ensure that fees are paid promptly.