Enter leagues and scores online

As a club captain, managing your club’s shooters and entering them into leagues throughout the year can be time-consuming and particularly frustrating when trying to tie them down to deciding which competitions to enter, or not. Then you have the problem of them changing their minds after the entry forms have been sent off in the post or by email.

In the Rifle Leagues system, you can make provisional entries into online leagues, make changes, add extra shooters, change team members, or remove entries right up to the league entry deadline. You will pay for your league entries by the method specified by the league organiser.

You can also search the site for new open league opportunities for your shooters.

You can also grant another club member or official permission to enter club shooters into leagues run on this site, to share the load. If, for instance, you have officials responsible for different shooting disciplines within your club then they will be able to make entries for their own shooters within the club.

Once the leagues start, you will be able to enter your shooters’ scores into the site for each round, unless the league organiser nominates a central scorer, when they will be responsible for entering scores. The league organiser will provide you with this information. You will also be able to nominate other officials to enter scores for the club shooters.

League organisers will be able to enter all individual club shooters’ scores online should they choose to do so.

Just after midnight of each round end date, all results for the all competitions within the league will be available to view by everyone.