Managing your club and shooters

If you are a club captain, or other official, you can add your club to the Rifle Leagues system and enter your club’s shooters into any open league or competition run on the site. You will be reminded of upcoming leagues for all your favourite league organisers as soon as they become open for entry.

No longer will you have to round up all your shooters and get commitment from them to enter leagues in good time before you have to send off the entry forms in the post. You can enter your shooters online at any point up until the entry close date and edit and add to those entries as often as you need. And you won’t need to pay the league organisers until after your entry is complete.

Share your workload with others in your club by giving them permissions to carry out certain tasks within your club account, such as manage and maintain a list of your club shooters, enter leagues, create club web pages, enter shooters’ scores.

If the leagues your shooters have entered allow concurrent shooting, then you can opt your shooters in to shoot concurrently in the appropriate competitions, which will save you time as you’ll only need to enter scores once. When you enter leagues on behalf of your shooters for one season, the system will automatically calculate their averages for any subsequent seasons’ competitions.

You can enter shooters’ scores as and when they provide you with them rather than have to send them all in to the league organisers in one go, right up to midnight of the shoot-by date/round end date for each round.

You and your shooters will be able to view each round’s results immediately after midnight of the round end dates rather than wait weeks to receive emailed spreadsheets.

You will also be able to add web pages for your club, so you can provide information to potential new members and to your own club members. You can also run your own in-house competitions on the site – check out the Pricing page on this site for more information. Please contact us if you wish to run your own online competitions.